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About Us

Alpha Pro Wellness Center is dedicated to aiding our patients in leading healthier, pain-fee lives. Whether your pain comes from an accident, illness or just age catching up, we will help you find a better quality of life. 

Chiropractic Care

The word "chiropractor" comes from the Greek and more or less means "Does actions with hands." A chiropractic physician, such as our own Dr. Faheem Nasir, uses a vast array of medical diagnostic tools plus effective treatment options to manage a variety of health conditions. Because they prefer natural, drug-free treatments when possible, chiropractic physicians commonly perform manual adjustments of the spine and other joints. Physical therapy and vitamin treatments may also be used. 

The spine is an integral part of the body. If the spine is in bad shape, everything else will start to fall apart. A correctly aligned spine, however, will lead to an unrestricted flow of signals throughout the nervous system. This frequently reduces both pain and muscle tension. What's more, it can increase a greatly improved freedom of motion.

Our Services

We do spinal alignments largely by hand, though tools such as the activator method may be used in some techniques. If you need advice on exercise and nutrition, a chiropractor can help you with that as well. Dr. Nasir recommends not only proper nutrition and exercise but a positive attitude along with regular chiropractic check-ups. 

Besides adjustment and manipulation of the tissues, we also provide several forms of massage therapy. We can teach you therapeutic exercises that will ease and prevent pain. You'd be surprised how much a custom foot orthotic can help with spinal alignment. Swelling and spasms can often be treated by electrical muscle stimulation and interferential electro-therapy. Cryotherapy, the application of cold compresses, can bring relief to soft tissues. Soft tissues and muscles can also be massaged by the small sound waves created by ultrasound. Acute and chronic pain caused by spasms can be treated with microcurrent therapy. For a comfortable heat from an electromagnetic field, you may want to try manipulation diathermy. We will sit down and discuss which of these therapies would be best for you. 

Contact Us

We have two locations in Georgia. One is on 2085 Metropolitan Parkway Southwest in Atlanta, Georgia. The other is located at 215 Church Street in Suite 107 in Decatur, Georgia. You can schedule an appointment on our website or contact us by phone at (404) 458-3457. If you need our help, we are willing and able to put you back in a pain-free state of health.